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Vedic Gavya Ayurvedic Products
Vedic Gavya – Ayurvedic Products

History behind the inception of Vedic Gavya Ayurvedic Products

There is a lot of hard work and effort in every successful venture and there will always be a reason behind the inception of a new start-up.  The reason behind the inception of Vedic Gavya was the personal health problem our founder faced years back for long.  Founder shared what she went through before starting up this venture in her own words:

I had major back pain for almost 23 years ever since I gave birth to my son. Pure negligence by the hospital staff cost my health. Somebody who was always fit, healthy, and active ended up damaging my back permanently.
It almost cost me a bedridden situation where I use to hop in and out of different hospitals. All that I got from those well know hospital visits was a temporary pain relief with loads of chemical medicines and steroids intake. Alas! I never got cured permanently. It also cost my career and I had to resign from my job as I could not sit or stand for long. The side effects of taking steroid medicines started impacting me and I started losing hair.

I have had thick long hair. Due to the intake of allopathy medicines for back pain, which are loaded with chemicals and steroids, I started losing my hair and developed lots of split ends. It was a double whammy situation. If I don’t consume those medicines, I won’t be able to get out of bed and if I continue consuming them any further, I will become bald sooner than later. But I had no option left. This situation continued for many years. I started losing hope. None of the allopathy tests and medicine could help me to get rid of my back pain and hair fall.

A few years back during this bad health phase, I happened to meet a learned Guru ji who had spent most of his life learning and teaching the importance of Ayurveda to his disciples, students, and patients. He prepares Ayurveda medicine in Amalgamation with desi cow Panchagavya. He prepares every medicine in his Ashram. In the present world where everything is done by machine-like X-Ray, ECG, CT scan, MRI, and Ultrasound, here is a yogi, who just holds your hands, checks your pulse, and tells you what is wrong with your body.

For somebody who has traveled and lived all around the world, at first, it wasn’t easy for me to believe him.  It was very important to detox myself to get rid of those steroids within me that I had taken for years. I was asked to eat food that was locally grown, and he started treating me. Since it was Ayurveda, it took time. Slowly when I started seeing the result, I started believing in him and I started getting the hope of getting cured. Along with back pain relief oil, he also gave me oil for hair problems. I started using both the oils diligently and the result was MAGIC within a few months’ time. In a year’s time, my back pain vanished. I could walk without support or limp. My hair-fall completely stopped, and I got back my old thick, lustrous, silky hair.

During my treatment, I also became his student and learned how to prepare Ayurvedic pain relief oil and Hair oil which was in amalgamation with Panchagavya. Along with these products, he also taught me a few more products like Vedic skin ointment, Vedic Nasal drop, Vedic natural soaps, Vedic Shampoo, and a few more. I prepared these products myself and used them with me and my family. You are using a chemical-free product that has an amazing result. Wow!

A few years back I thought of getting these ayurvedic products into the commercial market and introducing them to the world where people can benefit from THESE ORGANIC PRODUCTS which are purely natural. This is where VEDIC GAVYA was born with a purpose to serve the people suffering from prolonged health issues.



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