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The history behind the inception of Vedic Gavya Ayurvedic Products

There is a lot of labor and effort put into any successful business, and there is always a good reason for a new start-up to be created. The personal health issue that our founder had for a very long-time years ago was the motivation for the creation of Vedic Gavya. In her own words, our founder described her experiences leading up to the launch of this business.

Since giving birth to her son about 23 years ago, she has experienced severe back pain. Her health was lost due to the hospital staff’s blatant neglect. Someone who was usually active, healthy, and fit ended up permanently hurting her back.

She was on the verge of being bedridden and having to constantly check into and out of hospitals. With the help of numerous chemical medications and steroid dosages, she only received short pain relief from those well-known hospital trips. Sadly, she never fully recovered. She lost her employment due to her inability to stand or sit for extended periods, which also harmed her career. She began to experience a variety of negative effects from using steroid medications.

She started balding. She had long, thick hair. She began shedding hair and acquiring many split ends because of taking allopathic back pain medications, which are packed with chemicals and steroids. It was a two-for-one situation. She won’t be able to get out of bed if she doesn’t take the medications, and if she does, she will soon start becoming bald. But she had no other choice.

She started to lose hope because of this situation’s protracted nature. She was unable to treat her back pain and hair loss with any of the allopathy tests and medications.

She met a knowledgeable Guru ji a few years ago when she was going through this period of poor health. Guru ji had spent most of his life studying and imparting the value of Ayurveda to his followers, pupils, and patients. He blends Indian cow Panchagavya with ayurvedic medicines. Every medication is made by himself along with his pupils in his Ashram.

Here is a yogi who simply takes your hands, checks your pulse, and tells you what is wrong with your body in the modern world when everything is done by machine-like X-Ray, ECG, CT scan, MRI, and Ultrasound.

Our founder first struggled to trust him despite having traveled and lived all over the world. To rid the body of those steroids that were taken for years, detoxification was crucial. He began treating her after asking her to eat local farm-grown food. It took time because Ayurveda was involved. She began to believe in him gradually as the results were apparent and she began to feel hopeful about being healed.

He offered Ayurveda hair oil for hair fall problems and hair growth in addition to pain relief oil for back pain treatment. A few months after she began using both oils consistently, the outcome was MAGIC. In a year and a half time, she no longer experienced back pain. She didn’t need assistance to get up or a limp in the walk. She regained her previous thick, glossy, silky hair, and her hair loss fully ceased.

She became his pupil while receiving treatment and learned how to make hair oil and Ayurvedic pain relief oil. He also taught her how to make other items, including Vedic skin ointment, Vedic nasal drops, Vedic natural soaps, Vedic shampoo, and many others. She initially made these items for her and her family to use. Using chemical-free products was fantastic. A product with a fantastic outcome. Wow!

She made the decision a few years ago to introduce these organic, wholly natural ayurvedic goods to the market and to the world so that people might benefit from them. This is where VEDIC GAVYA was born with the purpose to serve people suffering from prolonged health issues.


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