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Ravindra K S

9 August 2021

an ultimate Made in India Product – I really loved it. I have problem of hair thinning

Pure and Natural 100% hand made

This is one of an ultimate Made in India Product – I really loved it. I have problem of hair thinning, falling and growing bald. While an oil alone cannot treat your hair loss or growth this product does some wonders to your hair.

Adds volume to your hair, making your hair look awesome. you can actually notice this change in first use itself.
makes your hair thick – after a few applications you can start feeling the thickness in your hair. I guess you however have to keep using the oil for the rest of life to ensure the state remains the same.
Hairfall is minimal depending on your wash periods. It does not actually stop the hairfall completely, only minimises it considerably.

S Bhatnagar

21 July 2021

My doc had told me to find an oil with these ingredients. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and already I can see some difference. Will update after six months, but so far can tell it’s absolutely pure and organic!
Prefer this kind of stuff rather than chemicals in fancy packaging.

Tanisha Ravindra

7 August 2021

Pure chemical free oil have been using it for two weeks now and i can already see the difference.. my hair fall has reduced ,my hair is smooth and feels nice ..loving it ..no water residue


28 July 2021

I was bit scary before using it. However I after using I found it be be of great value as my dandruff problem was mostly over after I used it 2-3 time. I am very happy to have this and definetly recommend.

rahul uppal

21 July 2021

The product is pure without any chemical adultration. I recommend everyone to give it a try who want to see permanent results.


9 August 2021

Highly recommended. Very effective Pain reliever.

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