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Charma Shodhaka
  • BENEFITS: Helps in reducing and managing eczema and dermatitis. It helps in reducing skin fungal infection or irritation and improving the epidermal barrier by providing moisture. Ointment is specially formulated and helps to relieve rashes, Ringworm and Chronic Wound, Psoriasis. Our ointment kills infections that may cause keloid scarring while oil’s anti-inflammatory properties will limit the potential size of a keloid. Provides relief in the case of dryness of the skin with the formation of scales
  • HOW TO USE: Wash the area nicely before application of the ointment. Apply on the affected area and rub it till it gets evaporated.
  • PREPARATION METHOD: It is a unique combination of natural herbs and Indigenous cow extracts, prepared by a unique and ancient ayurvedic manufacturing process that preserves the active constituents of herbs from being destroyed and gives the best results. The nature of this unique combination is a little intensive, but best for skin related problems
  • BENEFITS OF AYURVEDA: The basic principle of Ayurvedic medication is to prevent and treat health problems instead of just responding to disease; by maintaining a balance between your body, mind, and environment. Ayurvedic herbs are rarely used on their own. Instead, they are used as part of a holistic approach to health which may involve nutrition, Panchagavya, massage, Yoga, etc.
  • BENEFITS OF PANCHAGAVYA: Panchagavya products are rich in nutrition, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and hormones. These products are known to cure several human diseases and enhance immune power, which provides rich nutrition and helps to boost the immune system
  • AYURVEDIC HERBS IN AMALGAMATION WITH PANCHAGAVYA: In Ayurveda, there is a long tradition of using cow products for positive health. There are Sutras in classical texts on the varied properties of milk, curds, ghee, urine, gowmaya which is called Panchagavya
  • OUR POLICY: We at Vedic Gavya apply Vedic methods in preparing our products made from Ayurvedic Herbs in amalgamation with Indigenous cow PANCHAGAVYA which is purely natural. The ointment with no steroids, parabens, coal tar, salicylic acid has no side effects.
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Including 5% Gst

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